BoM Cost Calculation

Hi Community,

I have been testing Flextra for a few days as a solution for a managing machine builds, but have an initial question that I can’t seem to find a solution for.

I have my Base product, with associated sub assemblies with associated parts setup with costs at part level.
Should be able to see a total cost of my sub assemblies, based on the part cost x quantity, which should then be displayed as a total cost in my base product?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hey @SimonWells

Welcome to our community…

Seams you need a special customization to get the result you want. Did you checked our community modules in the Gitlab Repos?

Attention, if you searching for F2 custom modules in our community repo’s, be aware that we are working on generating the needed repo’s and it will get changes in the future, as we integrate all the 2.0 branches into same repo then the 1.0 branches, at the end all branches are automated and in ONE repository.


Hi Thomi,

If this is the standard way it works, then not a problem as we can still find the information from the individual BOM.

Still playing, still learning.