Check Printing in Flectra


Are there any plans to add functionality to print checks in Flectra? (l10n_us_check_printing) I’ve never understood Odoo’s logic in limiting the ability to print a check.



Hey @David_Ogles

There is account_check_printing in Flectra base… maybe this helps?



Hi, Is anyone able to print checks in flectra?
I looked at my error and it looks like there is nothing there to do it. I am not able to find l10n_ca_check_printing for Canada or US for that matter.
Am I missing something?

def do_print_checks(self):
“”" This method is a hook for l10n_xx_check_printing modules to implement actual check printing capabilities “”"
raise UserError(_(“There is no check layout configured.\nMake sure the proper check printing module is installed”
" and its configuration (in company settings > ‘Configuration’ tab) is correct."))