Client statements


im a noobi
what i would like to know is has flectra got a customer statement with aging
and can you email them monthend
to a single customer or multiple or all… at once


one month and no reply
looks like no one here very interested in flectra


Unfortunately, here is not very much activity. But, I think, many are engaged in Flectra.
Now about your question.
Not quite clear. Perhaps I did not translate it correctly.
Can you describe an example?


my question is
customer statements that all companies give to there customers showing outstanding balances and an age
i found one that says customer activities but we can only print or send to pdf
is there a way to actually email statements automatically if they have email addresses
and it must be done for all customers with outstanding balances not one at a time… if u have hundred of customers at month end imagine printing then then emailing them one at a time
hope this clears my question


I think although it is not enabled by default you do get a list of aged invoices if you enable the warnings setting. Then the payment follow up and emails can be sent via an automated task once a month or individually as the case maybe.