Customising Product Label

Hi Everyone,

I am looking to be able to print product labels, so that we can attach labels to product at goods in and for identification in stock.

So I am looking at the default Print Label, which appears to be using the report_simple_label.
What I am looking to do, is render the product image and its stock location.

For the image I was thinking of using: <t t-if="?????"> [<strong t-field="?????"/>] </t> In case no image has been loaded, but I can’t find the correct field information to call it.
Like wise, I can’t find the right code to display Stock Location either, thinking it would be simple as product.image etc.
I can’t seem to find a list that can be called from in the developers section.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

We have made a module to print product labels with stock location and barcode, but without product image. But maybe this will help you for next steps…

You can download our Flectra 1.0 Module here:

Thank you, I will look into this.