Docker for Flectra?


Is docker image for flectra available ?


docker image is available on


After installing flectra, it seems that there is no new UI nor appbuilder … Just another odoo 11.
How can we have the UI shown in the videos


New UI is already part of docker image, Can you please specify which image of docker you are using ?
App builder is in progress and will be released soon.


I have installed the flectra and i got the UI as seen in the videi. Make sure that you have installed the latest code from the git.
See the UI from my local system.
App builder is not added yet.We can expect it on dec 25th release.



Thank you Parthiv for your reply.
i installed docker image from the docker hub repo, the flectrahq/flectra image.
may be i should build the image from git as NIyasRaphy said.
by the way thak you NIyasRaphy for your answer.


I am asking this because we push the docker image daily to docker hub after building the daily binary for other sources. so it’s strange for me to know that you are still getting the old UI.


Ok, here are the screen captures for the docker-compose and flectra ui i got.



In that case you might have old cached image of Flectra in your local
environment. You need to delete that image and pull it again.


Exactly, that’s what i did.
it works


Pulling from the docker hub repo (flectrahq/flectra) installs version 1.0. The new UI and the app builder aren’t present. I cannot figure out how to install hermit. Even the windows binary on, although called ‘flectra-server-setup-1.1.exe’, only installs version 1.0.

Edit: Is there a specific tag used to pull hermit on docker? ‘latest’ installs 1.0.

Edit2: I finally installed v1.1 by building from, but there’s no sign of the new UI and the app builder. Is there something I’m missing? Were these features removed?


When will version 1.3 be in docker?


it’s already out and available on


Thanks for the information … I had only seen


How can I change code in docker image ? I just want to change some small things I find docker image very easy to install. So is there any way to just simply change code in docker container and restart it ?


Hello @navneetccna
You need to build the image for that as per your needs.
Take the source for flectra docker image from gitlab :