Double Payments issue with bank statement import


OK maybe this is not a bug and maybe I did it the wrong way around but I added a Vendor invoice and then imported a bank statement which showed that the invoice was paid but it did not automatically mark the Vendor invoice paid and so I manually went to say paid on the Vendor invoice and then it took 2 payments out of the bank account getting the current balance wrong. I tried to reverse they transaction but could not so I ended up with wrong figures.

Did I conceptually go about doing this the wrong way or am I missing something when I import bank data like some sort of manual reconciliation step before accepting the data as valid?

How am I supposed to show invoices and receipts as paid ?

Thanks in advance.



Should be some config issue, maybe…
Can you provide config of the needed accounts, vendor, invoice…



Well I blew it away to try and start again and I am not that comfortable about posting a vendor invoice here or any bank statement data.

But please explain what you mean about the config issue. I followed the set up of the account steps in the invoice management

Is there something I need to be aware of aside from those steps ?


not easy to help… can you post screenshots of account settings an your chart of accounts?
what l10n you use?


I have since redone my installation and decided not to import bank statements because there was just too much uncertainty for me. Also there seems to be a problem with the OFX import module that means it won’t import my Banks exports anyway. (IBAN error )

FTR I did a virgin install with the UK_accouting addon installed as the first thing. That changes all the locales correctly and sets the taxes up etc.

I am starting to think that the problem lays in with the reconciliation as the bank statements format it much different from what is needed.

For not it is just easier to type in a bank statement by hand but I am trying to resolve the import problem and seeing if I can work with it again.