EDI Integration


I’m working through the process of integrating EDI X12 850, 855, 856 & 810 into Flectra 1.6
(Sales Order/Purchase Order, Order Acknowledgement, Advance Ship Notice, Invoice)

When reviewing what is already available in OCA for EDI, I haven’t found any really viable options, so I began the process from scratch using XMLRPC.

Are there any other people on this forum who’ve implemented EDI in Flextra or (you know, those other guys)?
If you haven’t done it, have you tried to do it? How did it go?


Perhaps this material will be useful.


For EDI integration into Flectra you can have a look at easyEDI for Odoo http://easyedi.dk/solutions/easyedi-for-odoo/. Works with X12, EDIFACT and more. Works with incoming and outgoing EDI and any business partner.


Although, I see that the solution is not cheap


This is helpful, especially from a standard operational standpoint.

What I’m attempting to do is automate the process via XMLRPC calls from a custom app (internal module or external microservice - not concrete yet) so that when an inbound EDI 850/ORDERS document is received the calls to create the entries in the sale.order and sale.order.line models/tables are done and the order ‘appears’ in the Sales module.

Sending 810/INVOIC are outbound processes, obviously, and at a minimum will need GUI to ‘send’ the invoices and create either the intermediate files for mapping or finished enveloped transactions for transfer to Trading Partner.

Then there’s the ‘Vendor Facing’ perspective - Outbound Orders & Inbound Invoices.

I’ve spent the last few days prototyping the XMLRPC calls in python and already have a pretty good start. I’ve been working in EDI for over a decade now, and python for a few years, so I’m confidant that what I ultimately come up with will be of good if not excellent quality.

Thanks for the link!