Equities incorrectly grouped under Liabilities in Balance Sheet


I put in Journal Items for the Initial Balances. Right after that I generated the Balance Sheet to verify my input. I was shocked to find that my two Equity type Journal Items (Capital and Retaining Earnings) are incorrectly grouped inside Liabilities.

Did I do anything wrong?

Thanks for your help!



To add a bit more info about this problem. The resulting Balance Sheet is like this:

Balance Sheet

111001 Bank Overdraft $ -16.78

300100 Capital $ -20,000.00
300300 Retained Earnings $ 23,588.99
Profit (Loss) to report $0.00

In this resulting Balance Sheet from Flectra, Capital and Retained Earnings (despite they are of type Equity) are wrongly grouped under Liabilities. The +ve and -ve signs of the 2 numbers are swapped.

I am half-baked in accounting and new to Flectra or Odoo. I am thinking this could not be a bug. It is just too big and too obvious for everyone who runs Balance Sheet. I am thinking is there any settings that I have missed in order to get the Balance Sheet properly generated?