Flectra 2.0 status

What is the status of Flectra 2.0?
Is there a roadmap with the open points?



Maybe this question can be asked at https://t.me/FlectraCommunityGroup?

Hmm maybe someone could and tell the answer here?
I dont have telegram :frowning:

As far as i know this product is abandoned, looking at the GitHub there has been no activity for months and code for years… its based on a very old Odoo, which has changed radically since then. We abandoned testing of this when we were unable to get real basic functionality working, we then tested Odoo and abandoned that when we had to pay $1000’s per year (read that to be at least $5000 per year before any development work), and we needed ALOT of work to just get Odoo to replace Quickbooks Pro Desktop, let alone the use of tsheets.com as well (read that to mean at least $10000 extra on top of the yearly lease fee).

That made Odoo and therefore Flextra not a viaable solution, we moved to another, have employed a PHP developer and are using that ERP which appears to be great, although it has bugs its still under very active deployment, its also open source with some modules you can write and buy to get functions you would likely need. We are writing a very extensive TimeSheet plugin that will talk to real timeclocks, we will be releasing that module for general public use inside that open source ERP as well.

Flectra is not located on GitHub, but on GitLub https://gitlab.com/flectra-hq/flectra
There is also a resource at https://t.me/FlectraCommunityGroup
Now about your ERP
Where is your ERP?

Hi Griffcom

I dont think the project is really abandoned, in terms of bugfixing there is still some work done.

However there is no roadmap and no clear communication on how the project will evolve.
And the forum here is basically dead.



Is this a Flectra mobile client?

I guess it looks more like a post by mistake.

we are working on Flectra 2.0, just stay tuned :wink:

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That’s great news, hopefully they can give us a sneak speak at the new UI?

Great news, and thank you for continuing this great project.

Is there, somewhere, a roadmap of what will be done?

I dont get why this open source project is developed closed source. How should the community contribute like this?

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Which version of Odoo Flectra 2 will be compatible with?
Based on the Odoo 14 documentation, the code changes are going to be big.
For example, an example of changes in different versions of Odoo is shown here https://odoo-development.readthedocs.io/en/latest/dev/xml/actions-menu.html

What will be the suggested migration strategy from Flectra to version 2?

Odoo 14 Community edition removes reconcile bank statement from free edition . What will be strategy for Flectra 2 to address this matter so that Flectra users can still benefit from this oft important feature? Develop a separate addon?

There is a potential merge available of code to satisfy this issue: https://gitlab.com/flectra-hq/flectra/-/merge_requests/322

Will it be integrated into the main code base?

keep follow our gitlab history