Flectra Client Error after login


Hello! I learned the system first time on Windows, and imported many important data into database.
Now I have to migrate to new installation from source on Ubuntu 16.04 server. System with new clean database is working fine, however after DB backup on Win and restore on Linux I’ve got the error after each login:
Flectra Client Error

Uncaught Error: NameError: name 'active_id' is not defined
Error: NameError: name 'active_id' is not defined
    at PY_ensurepy (http://thesite.ru:7073/web/content/522-ac17f60/web.assets_backend.js:144:65)
    at Object.py.evaluate (http://thesite.ru:7073/web/content/522-ac17f60/web.assets_backend.js:259:8)
    at Object.py.evaluate (http://thesite.ru:7073/web/content/522-ac17f60/web.assets_backend.js:268:194)
    at Object.py.eval (http://thesite.ru:7073/web/content/522-ac17f60/web.assets_backend.js:272:284)
    at http://thesite.ru:7073/web/content/522-ac17f60/web.assets_backend.js:389:110
    at iterator (http://thesite.ru:7073/web/content/543-91b6fe7/web.assets_common.js:14:183)
    at Function.<anonymous> (http://thesite.ru:7073/web/content/543-91b6fe7/web.assets_common.js:17:8)
    at _.<computed> [as reduce] (http://thesite.ru:7073/web/content/543-91b6fe7/web.assets_common.js:69:526)
    at eval_contexts (http://thesite.ru:7073/web/content/522-ac17f60/web.assets_backend.js:387:136)
    at http://thesite.ru:7073/web/content/522-ac17f60/web.assets_backend.js:389:253

flectra-server.log and postgres log have nothing about this.

Also in products, contacts etc. the filter and grouping area on black background below search line is mistically disappeared.

What could be the reason?


Check for broken modules. This used to happen to me. I would login but all the categories would not expand it was basically broken.

Restart the server and watch the logs from the beginning and look for anything that is missing a dependency or has a syntax error or something.

Good luck.