Flectra Community Foundation


@Dennis Thanks for this valuable comment.

I agree that a foundation / association should help Flectra HQ to get a sustainable economical model, as it’s necessary for long term durability. The association can help by direct contribution but also, hope for it after a while, for example by organizing crowdfunding for development, or, as you suggest, helping in releasing strategic delayed addons.

Delayed releases is an interesting attempt, one open source business model among others. Open source models are hard and we all know that. I find Business Source License from MariaDB inspiring. I guess that, for an ERP, 3 years is a lot, but let Flectra HQ decides if they want to adopt this kind of license about their delayed addons. It seems the strategy chosen right now is to release at the moment funding is done.

I agree whith a council / board shared between community and Flectra HQ, as other foundations do. I also agree about letting store, partnership to Flectra HQ only.

Contributors are very valuable and that’s why I vote for low-level fees with sponsorship if wanted (and special recognition when this is the case).