Flectra - is there a roadmap?


I am a little worried about the state of information regarding the development of Flectra. Perhaps I worry in vain.
But, I want to see somewhere a road map, plans and state of affairs.
Perhaps the data on this is somewhere? Then I would like to see them.
The most difficult thing is to be constantly ignorant of the plans. You have to play it safe and look at other tools.
I am ready to take part in testing and so on. But, I don’t see how to implement it and where. Perhaps this is not required of me. But I would really like to see the movement. I want to see certainty in order to build my plans for the implementation of applications on the Flectra tool. The tool is not interesting in itself, but applications created on its basis.
It is also necessary to engage in the popularization of Flectra in their regions, to engage in localization.
Who is thinking about this?
I would like to hear the opinion of developers or resources where you can find out more about this.



I have the same concern that Flectra put some good ambitions at start and I was observating its evolution to decide before migrating. I was about to make it but I have put this action on hold as Flectra is now at a cornerstone where it really has to show its capacity to move ahaed as an independant community. I do ot see this happening right now and start being afraid that this really nice initiative may fall short.



Yes. I too agree and look forward for more active updates


More important to me is not the activity of updates, but the plan for the release of new versions with possible new features and fixes. While I do not see it anywhere else.
And PR about Odoo 13 is not very interesting for me yet. More important is the open source policy.