Flectra localization Italy


I am a newbie here but I am a senior developer. I know very well Italian fiscal laws and I developed part of Italian localization in Odoo CE (versions from 7.0 to 11.0) when OCA Italy did sleep in Italy.

I would like explore Flectra world.

There is an Italialian localization?
Where I can find it?
If does not exist, may I contribute and how I can do it?



Thank you very much for your offer. We have started some work on behalf of the “Flectra Community” and would be very happy if you would help us to bring the Italian localization to the store.

A few words about the process:

We have created a script that automatically converts all OCA modules from Branch 11.0 to Flectra and uploads them to Gitlab. You can find the converted repository here:

There you’ll find two branches:

  • oca-upstream: This branch is automatically updated by a background job as soon as there are changes in the OCA repository.
  • oca-fixed: If changes are required for Flectra, they will be placed in this branch. As new changes are found in OCA, the oca-upstream is updated and the script also attempts to incorporate the changes directly into this oca-fixed branch.

Currently, Branch 1.0 is missing as no one has yet reviewed the l10n-italy modules. You are welcome to check the modules and correct them if necessary to make them available for use in Flectra.

Please proceed as follows:

  • Create a fork of the repository
  • Once the modules are running, please create a Merge Request for the oca-fixed Branch
  • We will then accept the Merge Request, create Branch 1.0 from it and publish the Module directly in the Flectra Store.

If you have any questions about the conversion etc., please do not hesitate to contact me.


Dear Renzo,

thanks for your response. Today I will read your documentation to understand the development process.

I looked at l10n-italy and I warning you OCA reposory is in wrong state. It misses the Italian Electronic Invoice I already published here


I am strongly disagree with Italiana OCA members because they did not published nothing until few weeks ago.

After I publlished my code they started to pubblish their code inclomplete or with a lot of errors.

I proposed to merge the 2 trunks but they do not want change part of their code. I am convinced OCA code meets much troubles on new year.

Please look at my above link, I documented major differences.

Howeve I still import right code from OCA in my repository.

Best Regards.

PS Above repository is a copy of my original repository:



Hi Antonio

I have made an override in my script and now it will use the l10n-italy repository of Odoo-Italia-Associazione.
Now when changes are pushed to Odoo-Italia-Associazione/l10n-italy these changes will be converted directly.

And I have run the conversion manually so now at https://gitlab.com/flectra-community/l10n-italy you will have the converted modules based on the Odoo-Italia-Associazione/l10n-italy.

Hope this will help you.

Best Regards


I am working to complete Italian Electronic Invoice.
After this big job I will propose the code to Flectra. I think about on half January


Hi Antonio

Very nice!!! Thanks for your big effort.


welcome @Antonio_Maria_Viglio to our community
sorry for late welcome :wink:

many thanks for your work and help!!!