Flectra Posbox Image


Can we use odoo posbox image as printer and scanner tool for flectra POS? Or where can I find flectra posbox image?

Thank you


I found Odoo posbox is work with Flectra POS…


Don’t you have any issue with mixed content ? Did you solved it ?


I would be interested in learning more about you setup as well. We have several odoo pos systems out thier and have been thinking of moving over to flectra


I have been unable to get the posbox working. Any pointers?


are you using Raspberry Pi or running posbox on VM?
any version of POSBox image works with Flectra irregardless of version,
what I recommend is use POSBox 10, after POSBox 10, IoTBox adaption to Flectra is something we need to work on with.


I am using raspberry


just download POSBox v10 image and burn to raspberry sdcard