Flectra PyCharm Templates


There are instructions for Flectra PyCharm Templates

There is a point
Install from “settings.jar”

  1. Download settings.jar file: click here

    But the copied “settings.jar” file is not accepted by PyCharm.

In the Odoo PyCharm Templates instructions

The file “settings.jar” is installed normally.

Perhaps with problems or damaged? Can someone give me this file?
I need to work with Flectra, not with Odoo
Help me please.


Here you can download our PyCharm Templates (File Templates and Live Templates).
We have made some changes and extensions as of the templates of flectra hq. But I think they should work well as we use it every day…



Thanks for the answer.
I have not worked with PyCharm yet. I was going to use the instructions for working with it with GitLab.
Now, probably, it should be different.
There is a description of how to use these templates?
I will be very grateful.


first, you have to store the file and live template files in configuration folder of pycharm. You will find the correct path here: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/idea/tuning-the-ide.html#config-directory

I have made a short screen recording where you can see on how to use the templates: https://youtu.be/s1pw0eX1HE0


I could not install the configuration files for Flectra.
Help is needed


What os do you use?
Are you using the toolbox of jetbrains?
Do you sync the settings with your jetbrains account or with a git repository or nothing of them?


I use Windows 10 for application development. I also purchased a resource for using Flectra on it. It works on Ubuntu 16. There I deployed the demo Flectra 1.6 to popularize the Flectra platform.
And there I am developing a small system for accounting for the provision of services in a medical office.
On this development I want to go through the entire design cycle on the Flectra platform
There is a lot of experience and implementation of accounting systems on other platforms.
I am not familiar with jetbrains or git repository yet


I do not use windows for development. So I can’t help you finding the correct path for the files.
But the link a sent before (https://www.jetbrains.com/help/pycharm/tuning-the-ide.html#config-directory) shows the location of the file templates and other. So you have to save the files there and at next start of pycharm they should be available.


I found for windows
You need to go into the directory .IntelliJIdea $ VERSION $ / config / templates and add Flectra.xml there. If there is no templates directory, you need to create it.
But what about the files that are located on the https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ucfMyKyOoR6uDBuRaE8J1c4OWa_kMOHA file in the Flectra-file-templates.zip file?


On my linux system I have “fileTemplates” folder in the config. There the file templates are be stored.
And in the folder “templates” the live templates are located.


I created the “fileTemplates” folder in the config directory. It worked