Flectra vs Erpnext



I was doing some research and found that Flectra and Erpnext both are odoo fork, I was trying to understand basic difference between Flectra & Erpnext

Can anyone help me to understand?



Flectra, and Tryton are forks of Odoo, with Flectra 1.6 being an almost carbon copy of Odoo Community Edition v12. Tryton has diverged to a larger degree, but still a fork.
Experts/Historians: Comments/Corrections welcome.

ERPNext on the other hand, is a module/application of the Frappe Framework, developed by Frappe LTD. They were never common projects with OpenERP/Odoo - which is the meaning of ‘Fork’

Both are Python projects, with a bit of javascript here and there, but beyond that they don’t have much in common at all, technology-stack-wise, or user-experience-wise.
Run Odoo in docker, log on and look around - do the same in Flectra - you see the immediate similarities in screens & menus. Build a module or call the API between these two and the sameness is immediately obvious.

Do that again in ERPNext, log on and look around in v11 desktop or v12 with the new UI and the experience is COMPLETELY different. Write a module - COMPLETELY different, call the API, COMPLETELY different. Installation, COMPLETELY different.

Flectra to Odoo comparison here

Flectra Docs here

I really would love to hear other community members thoughts here. I’ve invested time in both products, and wish the two were more compatable than they are - ERPNext installation is a real drag and Flectra module development is a dream by comparison, but the ERPNext discussion group has SOOO much more commentary.


Hi Matt,

Thanks a lot for your very detail comment. I am trying to setup Flectra on our server, but I am looking for payroll module (Salary slip, Income Tax, Professional Tax) kind of things.

Do you have any idea whether it is available in Flectra or not?


In my opinion, comparing Flectra with Odoo is already out of date. It is advisable to update it.
About Tryton
I looked at the latest version on their website. They added very decently. The interface and user experience is very impressive. Recycled a lot. Moreover, the implementation on several DBMSs - PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite.


One of our customer makes payroll for more than 400 employees in flectra with direct payment and full accounting integration. We used some additional modules of the oca migrated by flectra community ti use un flectra. And we have made some small optimizations for the special needs of our customer in a separate module.
The customer is very happy with this solution!