Future of Flectra


I just recently came across Flectra and really like it. I am coming from Odoo 10 CE and just recently got my custom modules ready for Odoo 11 CE. I should have no problem getting them working with Flectra once they work in Odoo 11. My main concern is if I go with Flectra and ye decide to stop for what ever reason I am up the creek without a paddle. The Forum does not seem very active. So what does the future hold for Flectra.

On another note I cant seem to find Customer Follow ups.

I thought I read somewhere there was an App Builder. If so how to activate it.

I also seen the video on the View Editor RD. Any Idea when that will be out.


Hi Jay,

Welcome here. Flectra is mostly compatible with Odoo 11 CE, as it’s a fork of it, and migration script should work for most addons. If not, you can ask for help here (in another thread) or on Gitter Lobby, with relevant errors you find.

There is no plan for Flectra to be stopped. New versions should be released really soon, with some Odoo v12 CE backports. Even if Flectra may stop one day, it’s 100% open source and mostly compatible with Odoo 11 right now (so you could be able to migrate back to Odoo 11 if wanted without many troubles).

About forum activity : as Flectra is still young project, it has a community to be built. You may have seen efforts in this area and you are very welcome if you want. There are already thousands of companies using Flectra, even if few are contributing.

About folow ups, you may have a look to this video.
Concerning app builder, it’s not part of Flectra right now, and is on work as far I know. View Editor is R&D and will be released before the end of the year I guess. @parthiv may amend my reply, as I’m not part of the team.

Have a nice day, do not hesitate if you have another questions.


Simple answer is : open source,

yes, one of the reasons why people rely on open source, because they don’t want to end up with vendor lock in. With open source, you already have the source code, you are free to use and maintain it.

As @Yakulu mentioned the other options, I would add say, you your self can become and alternative.



This thread is interesting when deciding about making the setp to Flectra as building up a community is always an intensive effort and require a lot of effort.
Looking at the git, forum, etc. I mostly see contributions from Parthiv (thank you ! ) but this kind of communcity support can not be a one man show.
Is there any information available about FlectraHQ community (users, partners, …) evolution, roadmap for future releases, etc.

Many thanks


I thought I read somewhere there was an App Builder. If so how to activate it.

Currently it is a paid application in the Flectra Store availble as a bundle with the View Editor.

I have recently purchased this as I have some faith Flectra is going on the direction I need it to. I am evaluating so it too soon to say how much use it it or if there is any support to back it up.

That being said the forum could be a little more active it is true but sometimes you have to give out to get out and even though I am no expert on Flectra nor Odoo before it I don’t mind sharing what I have learned or asking insightful question where needed.

If you are thinking of porting an App to Flectra then all power to you. The more the merrier and at least you know your work won’t be hiding behind a paywall or be liable for exclusion from the store because it competes with a commercial offering. Something which is happening to Odoo as we speak.