Going from odoo 10 to flectra?


Hi there,

Is there any script allready or any tutoral about how to go from odoo 10 to flectra? One of the odoo 10 databases has many modules from oca, which may be ported, and also a database with many files attached.

I’m very thankful for every hint.
Maybe I could make some scripts for the flectra community for easyer migration? Maybe that exists somewhere?



In order to move from Odoo to flectra, you first have to migrate your modules to. Flectra using this : https://gitlab.com/flectra-hq/developer-tools

After that you’ll be able to move your database to flectra with just usual upgrade database process.


Hi, I’m currently using odoo 10 also. Can I know did you successfully migrated?



I also like to know if somebody has successfully migrated to flectra from odoo 10 ce
let us know
awaited with thanks


You can move from odoo 10 to odoo 11 using openupgrade (https://github.com/OCA/openupgrade) and then you can simply switch to Flectra by running update on your database