Guidelines for your new effort


Firstly, congratulation for your first release which I already installed.
I hope you continue this effort with the help of the community.
Secondly, I would like to point that this is an open source erp. That means that we all want new features but without affecting the installations in our customers. The main reason I stopped using openerp was that in every new edition 7, 8 10 and 11 they changed the way things where done.

  • Accounting tree view

  • reporting engines

  • Changes in development structure

You can’t just change basic functions and release a new version every year. Every version must have at least a four year support which means that if there is a new module this must be backward compatible.

Last but not least if the project is well supported by all of us , success is certain.

Good luck and let the journey begin.


You are on point with your views and opinions, and I personally like the way you mentioned.

Few things here and there and it can’t be a major release every year. We are keen on small releases every month / quarter with improved features.

Reporting engine with drill down capability is one of them.