Helpdesk - Related partner field


Hey guys,
first of all I wanna say, thanks for developing such a great product.

At the moment I’m evaluating the helpdesk module and it fits well to our needs. But I’m wondering why the partner_id in helpdesk_ticket is related to user_id.partner_id.


    partner_id = fields.Many2one(
        'res.partner', store=True, related='user_id.partner_id',
        string='Related Partner', track_visibility='onchange')

Our default behaviour is: A flectra user is creating the ticket and maps it to one of our customers.

Can someone explain the logic behind mapping the ticket to users partner_id.


It’s based on assumption that user will create the ticket on their own (self service mode).


I’ve got a similar concern here. I need to be able to create tickets manually that are related to customers in the CRM.
How difficult is it to make this related partner field a drop-down or a search field for choosing a client company record instead?