How to get a module into Flectra Store?

Hi all,

Is there an official way to get modules into the flectra store? I have created an account and made some simple modules available to get an understanding of how it all works but its difficult to get feedback on the status of the process to get a module published.

I did get some help with assistance as to why the repo was not detected but after that the modules have been stuck in review for over 2 weeks. I am not sure if there is something I need to do or correct to proceed?

Also for private repos the instructions say to add the flectrahq-apps user or something similar but its been over a month and no one has accepted the read only invite to the repo?

Is there something I need to do or that I am doing wrong? I can understand that maybe I need to follow some guidelines but would like to know what those are.


for private repo you must add gitlab you must add report privileges to flectrahq-apps , guest privileges doesn’t works but still failing for some repos

I have done that - but invite to flectrahq-apps remains pending. Maybe there is something else I am doing wrong.

You could be waiting indefinatly, Flectra appears to be an abandoned project on GitHub, this is why we abandoned testing of it (and another reason we also abandoned testing Odoo which Flectra was pulled from as both products could not replace the very basic Quickbooks Pro Desktop product.

Flectra source code is on gitlab not github.

For private repos it is needed to add the repository with ssh URL, not as https.
The flectrahq-apps user can only “login” with keypair, not with basic auth.

Flectra is really not abandoned! Flectra 2.0 (based on odoo 14 CE) is soon ready for production usage.

I am so happy with flectra, so please do not make such unqualified statements :wink:

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