I need recommendations for the following module if it is available


I have the following business requirements, maybe someone can assist me with recommendations to a suitable module that can help me achieve this:

I have a client currently using Flectra in his small manufacturing firm that also includes a shop. However, we had a problem using the current Manufacturing Module as it is because of the existing business rules.

The firm produces gypsum products using gypsum filler and fibre material. A given number of bags of gypsum filler and a given weight of fibre produce a number of pieces of gypsum pieces, that varies slightly in number, i.e. ±2 pieces.
Each employee is issued with the raw materials at the start of the day, and at end of the day, the number of pieces produced by the employee is noted down, which should be at least equivalent to the expected amount, depending on the raw materials issued.

The employees are paid at the end of the week depending on the number of pieces produced throughout the week. The payment is depending on the number of pieces produced. However, there are various types of pieces, and pay per piece may not be standard.

Some pieces produced by employees get damaged before reaching the ultimate customer. Such pieces are charged on the employee who produced because of poor quality and this must be deducted when making payment at the end of the week. The cost of the piece to be deducted is equivalent to the amount in which the piece was to be sold to the customer.

The workers are casual labourers and do not access the system via login. Their details are only managed by the person in charge.

The system should be able to add the gypsum pieces to the system as products when they are produced by employees and provide a mechanism of deducting those that are damaged. These products should be available for sale in the POS. Again, the raw materials should be deducted from the system as they are issued to the employees.

The pieces that produced by employees are of different types and have their own codes. The also consume different amounts of raw materials.

My concern is the available module uses timesheets, which is not part of the business rules.

Is there a suitable module that can do this? Or is there a way in which the current Flectra can be configured to capture all these business rules? If there is a module that exists and can solve this, kindly let me know.


This is not my expertise but it sounds like you need to have a way to link the timesheet to material production.

Maybe this Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning can be a launching off point but for your exact requirements it sounds like a bespoke module would need to created to take care of your edge cases.


I think that for this special requirement a separate module covering the requirements would be suitable.

With the existing modules some requirements can be covered but the system will not work properly.


@rm-jamotion, is this something that you can help me with? Or know someone who does Flectra consultancy?


@japhemutai Yes we can help, but I think our rates in switzerland are not payable for you.
But a good partner for additional developments is techreceptives (see https://techreceptives.com/erp-development). This company is also maintainer of flectra so you will get best development possible.