Inherit from a report for customisation but not replace it?


Hi there,

I need to add an alternative format option for invoices. To achieve this I add an extra report to the print menu for invoices. I have a custom header defined in a template and wish to inherit from the original invoice template “account.report_invoice_document” and do a replace attribute on the original report.

This all works except now the original “account.report_invoice_document” is ignored for the default print invoice option and the new report is used for both. How do I tell felctra I want to base my custom report on an existing report but not replace the existing report?

I am hoping there is some attribute on the template tag like “replace=False”?


For example, I made a copy of the report in the Flectra application itself. Two identical reports appeared on the account. Then I modified the copy as I saw fit.


on report action set mode to primary


How is the “primary” report set?