Inventory - Qty on Hand not updated on receipt of stock?


Hi there,

I can’t get Felctra to upate the quantity on hand for a product. If I click “Update Qty on Hand” and update the stock quantity it still reflect 0 on the “On Hand” tab on the product card. If I click the tab then the the detail listing shows the quantity on hand.

If I issue a purchase order and receipt the inventory the “On Hand” quantity remains 0. The stock valuation report does show the correct quantity as does “Product Moves”

If I place an oder for the product I get

"You plan to sell 1.0 Unit(s) but you only have 0.0 Unit(s) available in YourCompany warehouse. "

The trial balance shows now inventory balance.

Is this a bug or am do I need to do some configuration? I tried enabling “Lots” etc but no luck. I installed Flectra using the repository on Ubuntu 18.04.



I suspect the location settings have something to do with the stock module not updating Quantity on Hand correctly. There are these, somewhat related, issues on gitlab.


If I create a new database it just works. Not sure what is wrong with my configuration. Will start over. :frowning: Maybe I will figure it out some day :slight_smile: