Invoice Numbering


Is there a way to stop auto sequencing of invoice numbering?
It should be there, but should be editable.
I wanted to add older version of invoices for record purpose.
I cannot find any guide regarding same.
I can only see invoice number once its validated, and then i cannot delete those invoices.

Is there a way to remove validated invoices?
I have added few invoices while i was getting comfortable with system.
I cannot find any topic regarding this anywhere.


Maybe make this field on the form editable?


How can we make invoice numbering field editable even in draft mode?


I found a way around for manually changing auto sequence invoice number.
I will share the steps here. I am not sure if this is the right way, but it works the way i want now.

  1. Active developer mode on.
  2. Go to User Interface -> Views - > account.invoice.form
  3. Edit the form code to find
  4. Replace it with

Now form will show a new field which was hidden earlier named as “Journal Entry Name”.
On new Invoice creating this will be empty field, you can add your invoice number here.

On researching further more, this field acts as backup for storing invoice number when an invoice is cancelled and moved draft again.
So you should know that you don’t abuse the way around unknowingly.

But lets hope that @flectra team makes this invoice number editable in future updates.


I meant just such a decision. But keep in mind that when updating the application, you will have to change the code again.
The very same will have to track the uniqueness of numbers and the correct sequence, since in some countries changes in the sequence can be a violation in tax accounting.