Invoice on subset of timesheet entries


I have a service product that is set to “timesheets on task” along with a task on a project. Is it possible to invoice a portion of the hours entered?

We sell consulting hours to the customer and those are invoiced on a periodic basis. So timesheet may have been entered for the entire month, but we only want to invoice for the first two weeks and then generate another invoice later for the next two weeks.




Does anyone here have a hack/workaround for this? I tried to use the Invoice on timesheet add-on, but I could not get it to work. In my old quickbooks life, the timesheet line gets checked “billable”


Not sure anyone is reading this, but I think I have a temporary, wonky solution. I add the time-sheet entries to the project, but don’t fill in the task until I’m ready to invoice. Then when it’s time to create the invoice I just go to the time-sheet view and fill in the tasks for the hours we need on the invoice.