L10n_ch_payment_slip / refactor into Flectra?


Can anyone suggest how I could get Swiss ESR/BVR module refactored (from an open source version) to work for Flectra? I realise that there were major changes in Odoo11 which made upgrading the existing module more of a chore. I also know Switzerland will soon transition to a QR code new format. However, this would still be useful. Overall if small businesses in Switzerland are to use Flectra, the basic l10n_ch modules would need to work (i.e. all but the direct bank integration stuff). As I understand it seems that these Swiss features have ended up in the enterprise version of Odoo (and thus now closed source?). I believe it would be very useful to engineer open source versions for some of these key modules (needed to run a minimally automated business in Switzerland) . Can someone point me to any efforts in this direction? Anyone have the skills and want to work on this?


Hello @whotopia

Thanks for your information and i can say, we have done some investigation to bring l10n_ch stuff to Flectra. As Flectra initial initiator and contributor and a Swiss citizen i see, what is needed and have spent lot of time to make needed solutions.

Let me show a list of CH modules we will bring soon to Flectra Store:

About payment slip and the QR stuff… we also start working on it, as soon it is defined from Swiss needed companies.
From following ressource, we see that the QR-Bill will start in 2020:
The implementation guide for for QR-Bill is still under revision and in November 2018 it should be released.

If you or someone else want contribute and help to grow up our CH specific module, just let me know with a direct message… then we can see, how we can do CH magic :wink:

Hope that helps



We are starting with our first project with flectra tomorrow. A part of it is to migrate our ISO20022 modules which are currently on odoo 8.0 but are tested and optimized for different banks in switzerland (UBS, CS, PostFinance, ZKB, TKB, BSU, …).

I think we will be ready to share our optimized modules in november 2018.


Hi. I was wondering if any progress had been made related to the Swiss Localization. Esp as related to BVR and banking as discussed back in August?



Yes, it is done. You will find the switzerland modules at the store: https://store.flectrahq.com/apps?id_category=1&search=l10n_ch

or even as full repository here: https://gitlab.com/flectra-community/l10n-switzerland