Migrate from Odoo V14 to Flectra Latest

Hello! First post:

I am currently utilizing Odoo V14 Community and would like to migrate to Flectra. Is this possible without manually re-entering my 5 years worth of data? Haha.


Have you already migrated your old data to O14?

Yes, I’ve been on V14 for a few months now.

This is possible. You first need to prepare your flectra instance having all used apps ready.
Then run flectra-bin -u all -d .
This will upgrade/migrate your database from odoo 14 to flectra.

An other way is to prepare a new flectra istance. Install all modules also used in odoo 14. And at least import your data from odoo 14 to flectra 2.0 database manually.

And third way is to use our “Odoo2Flectra Migrator” application. You can install this as a flectra module in flectra 2.0. Then with our app you can connect your odoo 14 instance, sync the existing models (tables) and import all data. The Odoo2Flectra Migrator Module is not for free. If you are interested, I can show you how it works in a remote session to better decide if this is a good approach for your.

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I will give this a shot and report back.