Moving Flectra to a new pc windows installation


Hi Guys,

I installed Flectra locally in an old windows computer (a small POS). Now i need to move it to a newer pc and want to migrate all my data.

How can i do it in a simple way, something like just copy folders. The way i am thinking to do it is install flectra in the new PC with the same credentials, and then replace some folders, but i dont know what need to be copied.

Thank you.


There is a regular operation of unloading and loading the base.


Take a backup in zip format of flectra instance.
Install flectra on new computer. Restore the backup. That’s it


Only this does not work if the copies of the Flectra version are different.


Yes, thats right. Then you have to run a -u all once after restore…


“run -u all once after recovery …”
I thought differently.
Now, based on your last message, you need to do as follows
For example, the transition Flectra 1.5 -> Flectra 1.6

  1. Make a copy of the Flectra 1.5 database
  2. Install the Flectra 1.6 platform
  3. Download the saved database to the Flectra 1.6 platform
  4. “run -u all once after recovery …”
    Do I understand correctly?


Yes, that’s right. But I would prefer to make a backup directly with web/data/manager including also the filestore.

And do not forget to copy all addons from addons/1.5 folder to addons/1.6 folder.


I did it all.
But the operation fails


What is in the error log when you start flectra with -d for one of the failed databases?