POS with a cashier and multiple sellers


The POS I see that is oriented to the seller and the cashier are the same person.
I want to know if it is possible to configure the
POS with a cashier and multiple sellers. Similar to how POS Restaurant works, that is, a person who enters an order in a POS transaction and another person in another session receives the payment. I have reviewed in ODOO 11 and some partners indicate them but I do not know if they are part of the Odoo base configuration or own module developments.


Same than this …


If you need this module you can buy it and then convert it to Flectra with the converter of flectra community: https://gitlab.com/flectra-community/devops/odoo-2-flectra-converter

We have already converted dozens of repositories like this.


Thanks, I will use the procedure you indicate. :grinning:


If the module is working nice it would be a good idea to ask the developer if he would like to sell his module also for flectra…
I ask all developers of odoo modules to publish them also at flectra store.


I found the project that gives rise to the module that I indicated

Migrate most of these modules correctly:

But fail when instaled, how inidctaed in thist post

Also ask in that project if there was any initiative to migrate to flectra:

If someone else has interest, we could include it in



Hi @eabelllom
Of course can you ask questions about migration here.
If you have a repository where the converted modules are inside I will try to fix or give you some hints to fix the errors.

Would be great to have these modules in flectra-community namespace!


Hi @rm-jamotion, How can you create this project-module in flectra-community?


Sorry, veeery late answer!
If you have a repository containing the apps, I will add it as fork (or if it is okay for you we will move your repository) to gitlab.com/flectra-community/.