Products: Add new Attributes


Hi everybody,

can someone help me with this issue:

Under Master Data (either via the Manifacturing or Inventory App) I would like to add some Attributes to Products. There are Product Type, Category, Internal Reference etc. I would like to add some of those. Best would be to even be able to put them into a new tab (like general Information, Sales, inventory etc). I already went through the installed files but could not find any file called Master Data or Products.
I suppose, that in order to make this happen, more needs to be done then to just add an attribute in a class in the right file. Even though I am new to Flectra, I do know Python.

Ill be very thankful for any kind of advice!

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There is a good addon “Product Configurator”. It is quite universial for product configuration. I think he will solve the problem without programming.


Yiu can use the view editor from flectra store to simply add new fields without logic.
Or you can use the module builder to create more complex solutions. And for advanced requiremets you can read the odoo 11.0developer essentials book which is a good starting point for new developers.