Recommened methods to import stock/products with images and metadata


So apologies if I somehow missed the documents on this because all I have seen so far is how import text records.

So what is the recommended method of importing stock with meta data such as suppliers pictures and volumetric or weight information etc?

Should all this be done in an another application eg. Prestashop and then import the data directly from that , or export the data as binary blobs and importing them directly into the Postgres DB or what ?

I don’t really see any mechanisms in the standard interface modules, should I look to a 3rd party one to do it?

Thanks in advance .


Replying to myself for reference but found out the simplest way to do it. First input some data that you want to import manually, include all the fields you wish to populate like Image barcode etc.

Export that product as either and XLS file to CSV. You can either then edit all the fields in a spreadsheet or using sed grep and awk work directly on the CSV file. For images they need to be converted into the base64 encoded form before adding to the field. Then once the CSV file is filled import back into Flectra.

One note. If you are making product ID numbers import overwrites the existing values based on that reference so make sure your ID numbers remain consistent or you will end up with multiple products of the same name.

Edit: Opp forgot the link where I found this out.