Recurring Invoices

I would like to automatically create invoices every month. But I can´t make it work in flectra.

We are selling a subscription model to customers (managed services). These are billed monthly. So I would like to create a contract in flectra, and create an invoice every last day of the month for that.

I would like to use the functionality showed in this video: (I couldn´t find a video for flectra, but should be the same).

I followed the steps in the video in my flectra 1.6 installation. But if I click on “create invoice”, no invoice is created and the recurring date is not updated as well.

Is this module working in flectra 1.6?

Or do I miss something, that needs to be configured?

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

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Not an expert here as I am still new to Flectra and working out how to do things. But I suspect what you are looking for is not repeated invoicing but rather contracts.

You can see there you can set terms and whether they are repeated and at what schedule.


Oh and should have mentioned you get contracts by installing the Contracts Management addon.

Hope that helps.


thank you for your feedback.

Actually I tried exactly that. Using contracts to have recurring invoices. It just seems, that this is not working in flectra. If I click on “create invoices” nothing happens. So I thought to ask, if someone used this and it worked. And if I maybe need to change my config somehow.

Thanks for your help!

You are exactly right. I was fiddling with contracts too to create a kind of recurring payment/invoice.

It seems it’s broken and will probably need some custom work. :frowning:

Thanks for your feedback.

I still would love to use this function. But I couldn´t make it work.

If I execute the task manually in server settings, it is creating new invoices. It seems to me, that the cron job is not executing these recurring tasks or there are other issues. On the other hand, I can see in the log file that other cron jobs are executed.

Maybe an issue in docker environments? Ports or something else?

I am actually using the Windows version (and the latest source code in 1.0 branch).

I tried running Generate Recurring Invoices from Contracts and I don’t get anything from it?
What did you run manually to even get it to trigger an invoice?

If you activate the developer mode, and go down in settings to technical->Automation->Scheduled Actions you will find other scheduled actions(cron jobs) . And if you open one of them, you can run them manually.

You should also find your individual recurring invoices there, and can trigger them manually. That works for me and does create an invoice draft. I just would like to have them triggered as configured.

I will have to give it another try. I definitely ran one of those contract invoice generator crons and nothing happened :man_facepalming:

I have no idea what I’m doing wrong but clicking “Generate Recurring Invoices from Contracts” definitely doesn’t create a new invoice for the client, for me… :confused:

Fat lot of use but I’ve created an issue here:

Doubt it’ll ever get attended to…

I directly commented on 1.7 “release” (devs haven’t even announced it!) and got ignored by the dev team, blatantly…

I clicked “generate invoice” on the contract and found that it is in INVOICING: customer invoices

I still need to test if it’ll execute itself from the cron… maybe it won’t, and annoyingly, the invoice needs to be validated manually, so the customer won’t know about anything until it is validated. After validation then it can go to payment, but I wish this were all streamlined, it’s not your “typical” subscription/recurring payment system. Lol

If you created a invoice you have to option to create a recurring invoice based on this invoice.
Thats a default feature and not need to do it over a contract, but contract is also a solution if all the configurations are correct.

Thx for your reply, Thomi_ch. I used this functionality, but flectra simply isn´t creating the invoices automatically. If I execute the cron job manually, the recurring invoices are cfreated. But not automatically. Have you ever experienced this behaviour, or have an idea where to search for possible errors?

I am running flectra 1.6 under a docker environment.

you need to enabled/set the option “number of calls” to -1 as by default it is set to 0, which means it will never run that job automatically :wink:

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Uhhhhhhhhhh, it works!!! This helps me so much! You can´t imagine :slight_smile:

Thank you, thank you, thank you Thomi!

If anybody else is searching for this:

  1. activate developer mode
  2. go to settings - technical - automation - scheduled actions
  3. search for your custom recurring action (e.g. INVOICE-2020-06-MyCustomer)
  4. change “Number of Calls” from “0” to “-1” to activate

Remind that I installed “recurring invoices” module before, and created a recurring invoice out of an existing invoice.

This makes it possible to automatically create standard invoices every month for example.

Hint: You can also set the invoice date to the current date under “settings - technical - automation - recurring types” :wink:

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How are you? I don’t see this option in my invoices. Can you help show me where/how to do it? I have updated to the new Flectra.


install recurring modules and follow @sipu instruction…