Scrapping Stock - Qty OnHand does not change


Hi all,

I have set up a scrap location for stock items consumed in the business. When I scrap items the “On Hand” card for the inventory item does not adjust it figure.

A = Qty on hand before scrapping
B = Qty scrapped (B<A)
C= A-B (New Qty on Hand)

If I scrap B the “Quantity on Hand” card on the inventory item is not adjusted. i.e it still reflects A. If I try and scrap B again and B is > C then I get a message that I cannot scrap more than what is on hand. So one part of the system has adjusted the quantity on hand but the card does not.

If I raise a Sales Order I can sell A items even though there is really only now C in stock.

If I click on the “On Hand” card on the inventory item the quantity in the detailed view shows C. The correct quantity.

Has anyone else come across this issue with scraping? This does seem to be overly convoluted for a rather common business requirement.


Turns out the destination locations needs to be virtual to fix this issue.