[Solved] Install Flectra Apps/Modules without demo data


We are getting started with trying out Flectra running on Docker to see if the functionality would fit well for our needs. Ive been struggling the past days trying to install a “blank” or “empty” install of flectra, without success. When installing Apps it always includes large amounts of demo data and I cant find a setting to disable importing demo data. When I do install a module, it also gives trouble trying to delete data because of dependencies. Im sure it’s an easy fix.

If someone could point me in the right direction to get a blank flectra to start testing, that would be amazing.



When you create a new database in the database manager make sure the checkbox is not checked for “Load demonstration data”


thanks for your quick reply, would that be a parameter i add when creating a postgres db instance in docker?
“docker run -d -e POSTGRES_USER=flectra -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=flectra --name postgres postgres:9.4” is what i used to create the database


No, when you open up the browser ip.address:7073, click on manage databases, create a new database and do not select the checkbox.