Timesheet module



Are there any plans to include screens for easy weekly/monthly timesheet entry such as done in odoo ?

What would be the step required to move toward it of no plans exist ?

It is a showstooper for our organisation if not provided by Flectra

Thank you


Sorry for late reply @f_lg
There is no timesheet in current Flectra. Not sure about future plans / release. @parthiv any hint ?

I’m not sure someone ported timesheet_sheet module from Odoo 10 CE to Odoo 11 CE. If this is the case, it should be easy to port to Flectra.



In my understanding, this module was not ported but has been integrated in the core of odoo 11 (at least the functionality is not available as a paying option in odoo 11 entreprise)



It’s in enterprise, we haven’t ported anything yet. may be flectra-community can port it from alternatives.


I confirm this had been removed from Community / open source edition to go into Enterprise.
I there is a community port / alternative, it should be easily ported to Flectra.

Otherwise, it should be a good addition but will require some work (as IIRC, there are big JavaScript pieces to rewrite).


With less beautifying, I had managed to get this weekly/montly timesheet functionalities running in odoo 8 with these 3 add-ons. I understand have been ported up to v10 or v11 (but I am not sure that the links I found are the right neither the latest one):


With timesheet_task link(https://github.com/OCA/hr-timesheet/tree/10.0/timesheet_task)


With the OCA addon, and so migration to v11, you will be able, very soon, to use it on Flectra, as there is a community effort, led by @rm-jamotion , to port OCA v11 addons to Flectra and made them easy to install.

Just wait several weeks and it should be finished !


Good news.
I will wait


Hi all,

I just saw the migrated modules here: https://gitlab.com/flectra-community/hr-timesheet

Where could I find guidelines on how to deploy them ?

Many thanks


This repository is migrated automatically and not yet tested from us. But most modules will work like they are. To test it clone the oca-fixed branch into /mnt/extra-addons (or another path you have added to addons_path in config). Then rescan apps and you should find them.


Tested the hr_timesheet_sheet module works pretty well.

We only should change the names of menu items to avoid confusion.

BTW: Would be great if this module could be included as default one.


This module is not yet available in Flectra?


There’re still a couple of errors in this module.

I’m fixing them at the moment…


Excellent !! Many thanks for all your efforts

This module would also deserve some improvements for the appearance : highlight the current day, higlifgt week-ends, fix first colums and headers when scrolling over many lines, etc. … I tried at some point but failed … So if any guru is around …

Thank you


Does anyone use this module?


I would like to. +1

But I couldn´t install and make it work. Got some errors and stopped trying. I tried to use the integrated web app store. And to manually install using extra addons folder. But there is a good chance it´s just me :wink:


We use this module on three customers at the moment without any problems.
We directly use the repository from: https://gitlab.com/flectra-community/timesheet/

And we have also made some extensions to join the attendance, work time and leaves as additional modules.



Have your extensions been published in the community repository?




No not yet. But we will publish them in near futiure but not for free. We need to write some docs and then we will deployy it