What is the best way to create front end web forms?


Hi, I need to build a few frontend web pages related to the backend data.
What is the best way to do it? is Html form builder from OCA a good enough solution, is there anything better? Or should I just dive in and learn how to do it manually?
Thank you.


Hey @augustynr

You can’t directly use any OCA module. You need to migrate them first with our migration scripts.

You need to write your own web views for it and best way is to generate a own module for it. This way you can inherit default views.
You can find information about it on our documentation websites:

Hope this helps.



If you need forms you can use the following module: https://gitlab.com/flectra-community/website/tree/1.0/website_form_builder

This module allows to create forms to enter data for any model. You have to customize the model for which you would like to add a form.

To show existing data from modules you have to create your own module with website templates.