What is the plan for reporting?


What are your plans for creating reports?

Having used a number of systems that all use Crystal Reports to create and edit the embedded system documents and not being of programmer level background this has always been extremely helpful!

Will it be part of the app builder customisation or will you be looking to embed something like Pentaho reports?

Also, is there a full roadmap developed yet that is going to be published on your website for the none technical people?




Hello Ivan,

I would like to tell you about the reports we do have a report designer for now, But we are planning to add a strong designer feature to design report like Jasper Reports where users can design it.

And about road map we already revealed feature we are going to publish with the first release, Soon we will reveal other features we are going to add for a second release.


Thanks for replying.

Would Jasper integration make version 2 or will it be a long way off?



We will integrate Jasper Report after version 2.


There are other options that might be taken into consideration:

  • For Jasper there is a plugin on: SerpentCS

  • The other option is to use LibreOffice as front-end to do rapid report design, specially when being in front of a user that need a report on the fly. I recall there was a plugin called base_report_designer (I think) that connects with OpenOffice or LibreOffice.

The above should be place under discussion to know which of both options are better for rapid deployment vs features.


Good afternoon,

Is there any update on future reporting / document editing ability?





On Odoo 10, 11. 12 Jasper Reports already works.
What are your plans for converting Jasper Reports to Flectra?


you can check on 73Lines report designer it is not free though