Where to change the setting

  1. Where is the document about website footer ? I just want delete the “create a free web with flectra” hyper text
  2. Where I can change the whole site to private only user can access ?
  3. Where I can change some user login page to home site not backend ?


This comes from a QWeb view, which have XMLID website.layout_footer_copyright. It can be edited with developer mode on, General Settings > User Interface > Views.

A website is meant to be public. If you need to make it private, use external tools like web server authentication, filtered or VPN access…

Developer mode on again, on the user form, you can choose Home action :


Cool !!Oh thank you very much.
Now I have new questions ? If I use the default setting with English, at the gitlab says just change the /web/i18n/uk.po all option to msgid “Activate the developer mode” Is that right?:star_struck:


Yes developer mode is about "Activate the developer mode", a link available from Settings homepage addon. But I’m not sure I have understood well your question ?


That’s awesome… I found this option. Thank you.
I thought I had to change the configuration file.


Ah I have new question. Where to setting the user privileges? Examples if users login ,some can access the website , some can see the dialog channel, some can see the document management . If they don’t login they just can access the login page. I’m trying edit the /usr/lib/python3/dist/flectra/addons/website/main.py class website(home) auth to user it just the home page can. Thank u!!!:star_struck:


As said on Gitter, website pages can not be restricted natively. You’ll need some custom code to achieve it. But check knowledge addons from OCA then Flectra Community. May be best fit.


Ok, thank you. And now I have new questions do u know how to hide the website navbar items only the login users can access it:joy:


You should check how portal is made, as it’s available only to authenticated users (should be something like t-if) and inherit by attributes the navbar to apply the same.