Windows Install Question

Hi Everyone.

So I have installed the Windows version of the installer and have been playing with it for the last couple of weeks, to get a feel of Inventory/Manufacturing apps primarily, with a view to using CRM/Sales/Purchasing later.

What I have gotten myself confused about is providing access to Flectra for colleagues to work with.
Can this be done as I can’t find any thing really explaining this?

We are not looking to provide customer access, so no portal/website required, just need collegues to be able to login to access/edit data.

Do we need to install Flectra on each PC, then link it to a DB on a shared location?


Many thanks.

Flectra is a typically client - server application. So usually you install flectra on a server (windows or better linux). Then you need to open the port 7073 of your server to access flectra at least from your internal LAN.

Installing flectra on multiple PCs and connecting to one global database could work. But this is realy not “the way to go”. When you have to install the PostgreSQL on a shared instance it is better to also install flectra at same place and connect from all PCs over LAN, WAN or even the internet. So working from holidays or other places is perfect.